About us


Born and raised in Prague, a beautiful City in the Czech Republic, Europe’s heart. After attending trading school of graphic design, she worked us sign writer, and for several years as set painter for movies, TV advertisements and billboards. She spends her spare time hiking cross country and exploring the backwoods with her dog and a backpack. While sleeping under the stars blanket, she developed a desire to explore other country sides. Over several years she traveled all over Australia, Yukon Territory and Alaska. She learns mushing while handling for Charlie Boulding, Vern Halter and Judy Currier. After several mid distance races she completed the 2012 Yukon Quest with dogs from Moon Run Kennel. Together with her husband she builds her own sled dog kennel in Willow and now lives her dream while running with her own dogs distance races like the Copper Basin 300 , Iditarod and the Yukon Quest.


Born and raised in North Germany’s Lower Saxonia Gerhard graduate with a degree in marine engineering. While working for over 40 years on ocean going vessels  around the world he spend his free time by doing extended bicycle trips in southern Europe, Scandinavia, Island, Australia, southwest USA and northwest Canada. During winter’s he went all over Scandinavia on ski expeditions with backpack and Pulka ( toboggan sled ). While on extended canoe trips in the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory and Alaska he got his first encounter with sled dogs and sledding. Borough sled dogs from friends, train them and himself he set out for camping trips in the Richardson and Ogilvie Mountains. By moving from Inuvik NWT to southern Yukon Territory to his own property up in the mountains he became eventually involved in sled dog distance racing where he met his future wife Misha. Together they moved to the Matsu valley where they build their own distance racing kennel. He isn’t racing him self but love to train and condition there sled dogs at the side of his beloved wife.