Our Athletes


Tony is a charming gentleman and on the job 100 percent focused.


Frankie is a very special dog, we got him from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter in fall 2023. He is a little shy but did blend right in with the gang.


Pepper, big heart, big smile and big feet. He is clearly one of our biggest one and get close to 80 loving pound. Great leading potential.


Blue, a real dedicated sled dog, small but a powerhouse.


Ginger is on her way to become one of our great leader.


Buster, great leader and always good for some fun. He is looking for lots of attention from us and his buddy’s. Plays the clown when he feels like it.


Copper came to us from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter in the spring of 2020. He is still a little bit shy but a tremendous worker, developed into an excellent sled dog.


Basil is young but she is one of our better swing dogs.


Leader and team dog, always in good mood and hard working. One of our clowns as well.


Brownie is a small female with big potenciál and never let off.


Ash, sister of Brownie, always eager to give all.


A little bit crazy but one has to be to go the distance as he does. Our best wheel dog who takes real care of sled and musher. Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran and finisher.


Geal is our biggest and most powerful dog and love some extra attention.


Leader and Swing dog, who want to go faster all the time with a very outgoing personality. Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran


Team and swing dog and completely insane. Since he start run swing he begin to behave like an a adult sled dog. He is from Mat-Su Animal Shelter, want to please and to get our attention.


Leader and Swing position . Single minded and dedicated, strong as well. One of our top athletes and a real marathon dog.

Our Seniors


Main leader, first in command. Did not care about any distance and loves to do wat ever you ask of him. Retired now but still respected by all others.


Leader and Swing dog with great attitude but completely nuts. Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran and finisher. Retired due to start of Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.


Swing dog and team dog with great attitude but completely nuts. Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran and finisher. Retired now.


Misty is retired now but was our main cheerleader.


Wheel and team dog, strong and a very hard worker. She is a wonder in keeping the weight. Our only dog who coming out of the race with gaining considerable weight. She is a Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran.


Retired lead dog, very lovable, Lucy’s best friend.


Team dog with a great heart. A sweet teddy bear and a big sled dog. Had to be retired due to bad eye condition.


Team dog, but to big and heavy muscled to keep up with our Alaskan’s. So, his main job is pet dog and truck travel companion.


Lucy is the most important animal in the kennel and shows it to the dogs.

In our memory


Former main leader, still chief in the dog yard. Teacher for our young dogs. He loved the long distance, don’t ask him for going just around the corner.


Swing dog .We found Atlas in Mat-Su animal shelter in the Summer of 2014, now he is a Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran and finisher.